blackband_design_newport_heights_2This is the post that just won’t end… :-)

The other day I posted a follow up to this pretty  gray door I featured back in June.

Several readers asked me the name of the paint color used on the front door. I contacted a design company, Blackband Home & Design  who had worked on the design of the home and inquired about the color.

They very quickly got back to me and told me it was the builder who selected the door and the color.

I contacted the builder and no response and I included all this in my post the other day.

Well, the lovely folks at Blackband Home & Design read my latest post and contacted me to say they, too, had received several requests for the paint color.

That’s one popular front door color!

Anyway, they said they did the same thing I did and tried to color match the color.

They came up with Benjamin Moore’s “Revere Pewter” and said they were “80% sure” of the match.

In my post, I mentioned that I came up with “Cumulus Cloud”.


revere pewterBM Cumulus Cloud Sample


I’m still thinking my selection of Cumulus Cloud is closer, but that’s me :-)

Who knows?!? They both are very pretty!

And aren’t the people at Blackband Home & Design really, really nice to write back and share another color selection?!?

Good luck to all those who are going to paint their doors one of these colors.

I love it when Front Door Freaks stick together!