I was looking for a quickie pretty-front-door-color post for my other blog a while back and in the course of my search, I came across a front door color concept I hadn’t considered…tone-on-tone.

What is tone-on-tone, you ask?

It is when the color of the storm door is painted the same color as the front door. The concept sounds ghastly but, in truth, the execution is marvelous!

It makes sense. If you find a fabulous color for your front door, why not use it more places!

Here are a few examples…

orange tone on tone


taupe tone on tone


blue tone on tone


black tone on tone

Source – Tone on Tone

All are pretty great, right?!?

I particularly like the orange door.

I found all these doors on a blog called Tone on Tone. It’s a very pretty blog and there are more tone-on-tone examples there. Take a look here.