As I mentioned in a prior post, between Halloween and Christmas I remove my typical front doormat and substitute holiday appropriate mats. I started doing it when my son was younger and now I keep doing it because I just like to celebrate the holidays.

For Halloween, I have a mat that replicates a giant pumpkin. I typically leave that out through Thanksgiving because, 1) I have never found a Thanksgiving doormat I really like and 2) in my humble opinion, pumpkins sort of apply to Thanksgiving too. After Thanksgiving, I head right for the Santa doormat and he stays until after the new year when I return to our regular old doormat.

This year, feeling a bit lazy because I never truly sought out a Thanksgiving doormat, I decided to splurge and treat myself to one.  Or maybe I should say I tried to treat myself to one.

You can’t swing a dead cat without hitting a Halloween doormat and don’t get me started on the whole Christmas phenomenon. I think the Christmas mats were out in September.

But what about Thanksgiving?

It seems to be the forgotten holiday in doormat-dom. The forgotten holiday overall, if you ask me. The whole thing makes me sad because Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. It represents all that is good…being thankful for all you have and eating a lot :-)

I spent the better part of an hour and a half, searching out these options I have listed below.

If you too are on the prowl for a Thanksgiving specific mat, check them out.



Source – Pinterest

gobble gobble

Source – Linda Anderson

gobble wobble

Source – Pier 1

thawed turkey

Source – Indystar (make your own)

give thanks

Source –

HGTV Give thanks

Source – HGTV

autumn harvest

Source – Holly and Glitter


Source – Holly and Glitter

turkey thanks

Source – Sierra Trading Post

give thanks

Source – Zulily

lots of pumpkins

Source – Amazon


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