I get a daily email from the absolutely lovely magazine Architectural Digest. That email is my early morning treat. I scan through it while having my coffee. Sheer bliss!

Today, I was looking through and I noticed an article on pink houses.

I have subconsciously noticed pink houses becoming “a thing” for a while, but I didn’t place too much stock in it since I don’t have any houses that need painting nor would I EVER get my husband to agree to that color. Alas…

Anyway, as I was looking at all the pictures of the pretty pink houses, I was shocked and OVERJOYED to see that I had been given a picture credit (via a Pinterest link) to this blog!

This little blog mentioned in such an esteemed publication…I LOVED it!

I had taken a break from this blog and my other blog about 18 months ago. The funny thing is, I had been thinking about them a lot lately because I enjoyed writing both and I miss them.

I think this feature was the kick in the pants I needed to get back to them.

Here is the picture that started it all…


Plum Pretty Sugar

Source – Plum Pretty Sugar