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front doorsI have been thinking about this blog for a very, verrrryyyy long time. Too long, actually. I should have started it a year ago, but I just kept thinking about it instead.

I write another blog that is about real estate and things you can do to your home to improve it for re-sale. I’ve been writing it for a couple of years now and, while I enjoy the topic of real estate, I found that I kept slipping in pictures of gorgeous front doors instead of writing actual posts.

At first, I did it as a quickie way to post something when I was pressed for time. I’d simply slap up a picture of a wonderfully colored front door and, presto, the post was done for the day! Then, I started posting front doors just because they made me happy to look at them. I rationalized it by saying that front doors are an important part of a homebuyer’s first impression of a home. It’s true, they are, but I wasn’t featuring pretty front doors simply because of that…I was posting them because I was absolutely fascinated by them. Their colors. Their shapes. What they said about the owners of the home. The whole enchilada. I could look at different front doors for hours. Doors are such a simple concept, yet they can project a million different things about the occupants of a home.

Through this process, I realized I wasn’t the only person fascinated by front doors. The reader analytics for my front door posts on my other blog are quite impressive. Pinterest has thousands of boards devoted to doors and you’d be hard pressed to find a design blog that hasn’t featured charming front doors more than a few times. Front doors are seemingly quite an obsession for many.

For me, what was once a quickie blog post quickly turned into an all out addiction, complete with making my husband stop the car so I could take pictures of doors that I thought were “unbelievably gorgeous” and needed to be shared on my blog.

You see, I am what’s known as a Front Door Freak and when I say freak, I mean it in the nicest possible way.

If you too find yourself fascinated by front doors, then this will be your place.  Feel free to stop by and let your Front Door Freak Flag Fly!

I am planning on featuring pretty doors everyday as well any topics having to do with front doors. If there is a front door feature you’d like to see, send me an email and I’d be happy to include it.

I am using the 31 Writing Challenge to get this front door party started. I hope you come back and enjoy my obsession with me. Here are the topics I plan on including:

October 2nd – If this were my front door, how would I style it?

October 3rd – The emotional meaning behind front door colors

October 4th – How to choose front door color

October 5th – Front door color of the week…RED

October 6th – How can you tell if you’re a Front Door Freak?

October 7th – If you knock on this door, which celebrity will answer?

October 8th – Feng Shui for Doors

October 9th – My picks for Fun Halloween Doormats

October 10th – How to paint a front door

October 11th – My three front doors

October 12th – Front door color of the week…MARINE BLUE

October 13th – Doorbells and Door knockers

October 14th – Tone-on-Tone Doors

October 15th – If this were my front door, how would I style it?

October 16th – Front Door Lighting

October 17th – If you knock on this door, which celebrity will answer?

October 18th – The value of a color consultant

October 19th – Front door color of the week…Yellow

October 20th – A front door color quiz based on your personality

October  21st – Well said…

October 22nd – A deeper look at Feng Shui and my front door

October 23rd – A new front door paint trend – Shiny Paint

October 24th – If this were my front door, how would I style it?

October 25th – A powerful doormat

October 26th – Front door color of the week…Orange and Pumpkin

October 27th – Planters, Urns & Flower boxes, Oh My!

October 28th – Front Door Hardware

October 29th – If you knock on this door, which celebrity will answer?

October 30th – Lots of Great Front Door Knockers

October 31st – If this were my front door, how would I style it? WAIT, this IS my front door!

Image: Pinterest


  1. sounds fabulous! I will love this! I looked up my feng shui front door color and the first color is green, so i went with a lively green with high gloss. i am now not liking the high gloss, so i am sanding that down and looking for a different green. I know black is one of the colors i can use as well, so now i’m confused. But anyway, your blog sounds like fun and I can’t wait to follow along!

  2. This is great! I often take pics of doors and windows when I travel and thought I was just weird. So appropriate for someone in real estate to focus on front doors!

  3. Oh my gosh I love this! I too secretly have a love for this topic. I’m always on the lookout for what will someday be my perfect front door! Looking forward to your posts…

  4. The name of your series made me giggle . Love it! I have been showing my husband front doors lately because I want to repaint ours. So this series I will be following.

  5. What a fun topic. I am an interior designer, turned stay-at-home…homeschooling mom, but I absolutely LOVE doors. We have an old front door on my son’s wall because it’s just so cool. I look forward to reading your posts. Thanks for selecting such a great topic.

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