Lately I find myself intrigued by front doors with glass panels.

It all started when I was reading an article on a wonderful home design blog called the Little Black Door. The blog owner wrote about her experience selecting a front door and why she opted for an all-glass front door.

Here’s a picture of her door…

LittleBlackDoor glass front doorSource – Little Black DoorXX

Stunning, no?!?

I absolutely love it!

I think her home is well suited to a glass front door because it opens into an entry foyer. If the front door opened into the main part of the house, I might think twice about it, but here the application is perfection.

I have found a couple of other glass front doors I like and will showcase them here tomorrow.

If the notion of an all glass front door intrigues you, come back tomorrow for more!

If you’d like to read the post at Little Black Door, click on the source link below the picture.