A few weeks ago I featured some lovely “all glass” front doors. They are truly unique and a design element, to which, I am partial.

This morning I was looking around and stumbled upon a great blog post over at Seventh House on the Left. Ashley, the blog owner, didn’t want her glass front door so “open to the public”.

As I mentioned in one of my posts about glass front doors, while they are stunning, they can also be a bit “revealing” if your front door opens directly into your living space instead of a foyer, as was the case in this particular instance.

Here is Ashley’s door before…

darkwindow front door

Pretty door, but I totally get the privacy thing.

So, Ashley had a really cool fix to the problem. She cut contact paper into a pretty pattern and added it to the window, creating a frosted glass effect…

doorwindowafter glass frnt

Cool, right?!? All I can say is, she must have a really steady hand when using scissors!

And, look how nicely it fits in with her overall decor…


So you still get all the daylight without sacrificing nighttime privacy and in the process, she made a pretty door absolutely stunning.

If you’d like all the ins and outs of the process used, head over to Seventh House on the Left for details.