I have done a few front door style boards. You can see them here, here and here.

I think because they weren’t my doors, I was a bit cavalier in my choices and these were fun, easy posts to write.

So, I decided to end this fun, but challenging, 31 day challenge by styling my own front door!

You know what… front door styling is harder than it looks!

Because I am not sure what I want to portray with my own door, I think I totally stressed over my choices.

Because of that, I decided to take the advice of so many designers and just choose things I like. You see, there is a theory in design that if you are styling your home with things you love it should all work together. So that’s what I did, I just picked things I like and then put them all together.

And, in my humble opinion, my front door style board was an EPIC FAIL!

I don’t really like what I came up with, so I will keep pursuing this. The one thing I know I will keep is the Moravian Star pendant light. My front door is covered by an open-air porch so it lends itself to the pendant beautifully.

Get a glimpse of my fail below :-)

If you have any suggestions, they will be gratefully accepted!

Here’s my door…

our door


Here’s what I came up with…

our door styling

It sort of ended up in cabin-in-the-woods meets an English cottage meets Pottery Barn. That’s NOT where I wanted this to go!

How would you style my door?