our door feng shui

There are a TON of books written about Feng Shui. Most talk about Feng Shui as it relates to an entire house. Today I am just going to focus on the front door/entryway.

Your front door is considered the “mouth of chi”. It is where  a home gets its energy. Obviously, since the front door is where it all starts it is very important in Feng Shui principles.

When energy enters your home, it is looking for its place to ground and focus. The color of your front door attracts certain types of energy and the conditions surrounding your front door either enable or disable that energy from entering and circulating throughout your home.

Clutter and chaos are the enemy to good chi. If your front entry way is dimly lit and cluttered, it blocks the good energy (or chi) from entering into the house and finding the correct place to focus. Air and energy should always move through your home. A cluttered front entryway does not allow that.

  • If you have shoes (like me), mail, recycling, dog leashes (like me) all stacked up at your front door as you enter, remove them. I know it’s convenient to keep them there, but they are blocking the good energy from coming in and circulating throughout your house.
  • Keep the coat closet at the entryway neat and tidy. Don’t clog them with clothing from many different seasons. Keep one season at time in the closet. It will be much simpler.
  • Since your front entry determines the quality of your chi, decorate it beautifully to entice good energy to enter and find its place in your home. Just as a well decorated front entry makes a good impression on passers-by, so too does it make a good impression on energy, encouraging it to enter.
  • Make sure your front entry is clearly marked and visible to all who arrive at your home. A path leading to your door will ensure all who arrive know how to enter.
  • If you typically enter your home through a side door or garage door, use the front door on occasion so the chi that is pent up against the door has a way to enter.
  • Lastly, make sure you have knocker on your door. It is said that brass is best because if it is shiny and polished it will deflect bad chi from entering.

The color of your front door can invite certain types of energy. Some feel that selecting the correct color greatly enhances your ability to attract the energy you need. For example:

  • A red door attracts money and prosperity.
  • Blue encourages serenity and calm
  • Green can attract growth
  • Brown brings stability

Most Feng Shui purists will disagree with merely selecting a color associated with a certain energy. They believe the compass position a house faces dictates the correct color choice. For instance, my home faces due North and as such, my brown front door is the worst possible choice I could have made. Given my compass reading, I should have a navy blue or black door. When I suggested we change our door color to my husband, he just shook his head and walked away. I am hoping that my brown door brings that generic sense of stability referenced above because, given my husband’s reaction, it’s not changing any time soon :-)

Anyway, this is just a brief taste of Feng Shui and how it relates to a home’s entryway. I am preparing a more in-depth view of front door color using compass directions, so stay tuned for more on Feng Shui and front doors!

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