freak flagWhen I was thinking about developing this blog, I told a couple of friends about my idea. I could tell, they didn’t “embrace” the concept. They gave me the  cursory “oh, that sounds like a good idea” delivered with VERY weak enthusiasm. They clearly were NOT Front Door Freaks (FDFs).

I told another friend and she sort of got it. I could tell she likes front doors, but, alas, not a full fledged Freak either. She gave me a “oh, yeah, front doors are fun” and delivered that line with a tad bit more enthusiasm than the prior friends, but not with the same fervor a true FDF would.


My husband offered that, perhaps my idea for this new blog was not as powerful as I had originally thought.

In true  FDF fashion, I vigorously scoffed at the idea that there were not other Freaks out there waiting to join me and I plowed ahead with this blog. I figured if nothing else, it gave me joy to look at front doors everyday.

BUT, as I suspected, many of you have responded!

So many of you have written in to say that you always thought your love of front doors was your own “weird obsession.”

Well, I am here to say it is NOT!

Front doors are a fun, creative way to express yourself to friends and neighbors. They are fun to look at and easy (sort of) to replicate. Like changing a hairstyle or buying a new outfit, they are a relatively easy way to change and freshen up your home.

So, how can you tell if you are a Front Door Freak?

  • When looking at a house, is the front door the first thing you notice?
  • Do you find yourself collecting pictures of doors and door colors you like?
  • Do you notice pretty colored doors as you drive around your town?
  • Have you ever stopped to take a picture of a door you like?
  • Do you have a Pinterest board devoted solely to front doors?
  • If you were redesigning your house, would you start with the color of your front door?
  • If you could, would you change your front door color every week or month?

If you find yourself nodding your head as you read through these questions, then you are a full fledged Front Door Freak.

Be proud of it and let your Freak flag fly!

If you thought of another sign that you are a FDF that I left off the list above, add it to the comments below!