doorbell signWe have no “guest announcement system” at our house.

Guest Announcement System = doorbell or door knocker

Whenever anyone comes to our house, they have to knock (and knock hard) on our heavy wooden door. A lot of folks tap energetically on the small glass windows at the top of our door because that makes more noise.

When kids come over to play with my son, they usually just pound on the door since they can’t reach the windows at the top. With the way some of them pound, it’s probably a blessing in disguise that they can’t reach the glass at the top :-)

Why do we have no “guest announcement system”?

When we moved into our house the doorbell was no longer working so we removed it and then we never got around to choosing (or shall I say agreeing upon) a door knocker. We are really more knocker types vs. doorbell types. Not sure why, we just are.

Any way, it’s very clear our lack of either device stymies and perplexes our arriving guests. Even people who’ve been to our house several times seem to have a moment of nervous hesitation at the front door. I think people feel that knocking on the glass windows is somehow intrusive. I know I feel that way at other people’s homes.

It also makes our home entryway seem somehow incomplete so I am now on the quest for the perfect knocker.

Your doorbell or door knocker are the first things that greet guests arriving at your home so make it a warm, welcoming and perfect greeting.

Image: The Burlap Bag