who came up with thisIt’s easy to look at a picture of an already painted front door and decide if you like it or not for your home. It’s completely another thing to actually start from scratch and decide what your door color should be.

Today’s post is for those front door trailblazers who aren’t going to copy a picture but who want to select their own colors for their own reasons.

A much harder and trickier undertaking if you ask me!

Better Homes & Gardens wrote a great piece on the basic things to think about BEFORE selecting a door color. I thought the topics posed where good to consider before embarking on a front door color quest:

Understand a Few Color Basics

Pay Attention to Your Home’s Style and Personality

Use Your Front Door for Impact

If you are one of those trailblazers looking for your own perfect front door color, hats off to you and good luck!

Find the article here.

Image: Pinterest