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If you knock on this celebrity front door, who will answer?

Blunt:Krasinski Front Door


Click here couple


Make your own dutch door!?!

Holy smokes!

I know I am a Front Door Freak, but the folks at Garden View Cottage put me to shame!

They posted a tutorial on how to turn your front door into a dutch door.

Yes, you read that correctly…make your own DUTCH door (you know, split in half and two swinging panels).

I adore dutch doors (as evidenced of my week of dutch door posts awhile back), but I don’t think I am brave enough to ever try and make one.

Hats off Garden View Cottage…not only did they make a dutch door, they made a beautiful dutch door!

I stand in awe.

Find the tutorial here.


Pinterest Homemade Dutch Door

Source – Pinterest



A good door knocker to start this week…

peace sign door knocker

Source – Iron Forge


Somehow, talking about pretty front doors didn’t seem right today…

peace for paris

Source – Harper’s Bazaar

Such a pretty front door…

I look at pictures of front doors all day long.

Honestly, after awhile, some of them start to look the same…

Then, one will pop up that is just special and stands out above the rest.

When I find one those special doors, I feel it’s my duty to feature it :-)

Here’s one…isn’t this a really pretty front door!

Its simplicity is stunning.


mini windows door

Source – Pinterest

Sensational Color Combos…Mocha House & Red Door (with black trim)

Sensational Color Combos are a front door and a house both painted nice colors, but put those two nice colors together and the combo takes them from being merely nice to absolutely sensational.

It’s the Front Door Freak’s take on “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” :-)



Mocha house Red DoorSource – HGTV


Well said…

Not your door quote

Source – Not on the High


Thanksgiving Doormats – 2015

It never ceases to amaze the absolute dearth of Thanksgiving doormats. I wrote the same thing last year!

As I have mentioned in the past, starting with Halloween, I swap my doormats out at every season…Halloween to Thanksgiving to Christmas to Valentines Day. In between the holidays I put my everyday doormat back out.

My Halloween doormat is a pumpkin so I usually just leave that until the Christmas mat comes out. I always feel like I am cheating a bit, so this year, I decided to take a stand and get myself a proper Thanksgiving doormat. After all, if you are going to do, do it right!

In my faded memory, I remember thinking this last year as well, but for some reason another year rolls around and I still do not have a Thanksgiving doormat. So, I decided to hop online and make this the year that I finally get one.

After doing so, I now know why I don’t have one…the selection is EXTREMELY limited!

I had to search far and wide to find the six below!

This year, I think I may attempt to make my own, but since it’s November 11th I better get going :-)

Anyway, if you are not in a crafty mood and you too need a Thanksgiving doormat, below is the best that I could find…


Crate & Barrel

Source – Crate & Barrel



Source – Target



Source – Hayneedle


Midnight Confetti:Etsy

Source – Midnight Confetti/Etsy


Nickel Design:Etsy

Source – Nickel Designs Shop/Etsy


Overstock Turkey

Source – Overstock



This neon green front door makes a statement!

A neon green front door…LOVE IT!!!!


Neon Green

Source – Design Sponge


A simple but impactful why to show your address

Address in words

Source –


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