In the past, I have featured lovely doors that were “etched” by their owners. You can see them here and here.

Yesterday, I ran across another DIY etched glass door that was too pretty not to share.


etched door diamond in the stuff

Source – Diamond in the Stuff


The owner did this using vinyl sheets that look like frosted glass and then cut the pattern out using one of those electric cutters that attaches directly to your computer. The electric cutter cuts the pattern you’ve programmed in. The person who did the door above mentioned using a Silhouette. The other brand I’ve seen for this is Cri-Cut.

I have no personal experience with this type of system, but if it’s as easy as they seem on their websites, this could be a pretty simple and flawless project. While the cutter and materials may cost a couple of hundred dollars, it would seem that would proabbly be less money that getting your glass door professionally etched or even more so, it would definitely be less than a brand new door. Plus, then you’d own a useful cutting machine for future projects.

If you embark on a DIY etched glass door project, send me your before and afters. I’d love to see them!