I’m Susan and my fascination with front doors started when I decided to change the color of the front door on an investment property my husband and I own. When we bought the house, it was already covered in white vinyl siding. Nice, but a bit blah. Since the vinyl siding was in perfectly good shape, I knew there was no point in changing it, but, that would leave me with a house that would be permanently nice, but permanently blah.

The prior owner brought some color to the house by using nautical blue shutters and a matching front door. Again, nice but blah. Since this house was going to be used as a rental property for us, I wanted it to have a little pizzazz. ┬áSomething cool to attract renters. Something that said, “This house is a little different than the rest.” After much thought and consideration, I decided an apple green front door was just the ticket. I carefully selected a color and had a custom quart of paint mixed. It was exactly what I wanted and so began my front door fascination.

I also write another blog about houses and real estate (Gem of the Week), and I happened to write a post about my apple green front door. In real estate, the front door is literally the first impression a home makes on a buyer! As a blogger, there are some topics you enjoy covering more than others and I enjoyed writing about front door color. I soon started featuring other wonderfully colored front doors.

Over time, I noticed the posts I wrote regarding front doors seemed to get a significant amount of traffic. Not just a little, but a lot! My pictures were being pinned, reposted and shared.

I decided that I may not be the only freak for front doors out there. Maybe it was just one of those things that some people really enjoy. Perhaps a topic worthy of its own blog…and thus The Front Door Freak was born.